UFO Sighting in Virginia, see photos of Aug 30, 2010.

Date of Sighting: 8-30-2010
Location of Sighting: Virginia, US

My husband and I were outside smoking a cigarette in the backyard when he saw a strange red/orange glowing light. It was similar to the two lights I told him I had seen the week before, but no one believed me (around the same time almost a week before). The first one was coming towards us and then a plane flew parallel and the UFO shot up and away from us, turning into what looked like a satellite.

After that experience, two more, flying very close to each other came toward us. The smaller of the two dimmed out before the larger and closer one moved to the left and dimmed out. It gave off a flash a couple of times before it too looked like a satellite. We watched it until we could no longer see it. We have a few photographs and a video but my husband was shaking so bad the pictures did not turn out so well.

When I had seen two objects the week before (by myself) no one had believed me and told me they were flares. These objects were not flares. They had movement to them that are indescribable. I was starting to believe I imagined them until my husband and I saw them again! Finally, I knew I was not imagining them! My husband and I were both in the military (in air department) and my husband works for a government-contracting agency. These “orbs” were not anything we have seen before.

The video does not do the sighting justice. It looks so much smaller than how it was seen visually. It was the size of a man's pinky nail!



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