2nd Eyewitness Video of UFO Sighting in China Sky of 9 Spirit Like Craft.

2nd Eyewitness Video of UFO Sighting in China Sky of 9 Spirit Like Craft from Sept 1, 2010.

Date of UFO sighting: September 1, 2010
Location of Sighting: Xi'ian, China
Source: China Daily Newspaper

At 9:10 PM in Xi'ian city, there appeared in the sky 8-9 white spots. These unusual spots in the sky were separated into groups of three. Each group of three were moving in a circular motion. At around 9:15 PM the spots divided into two groups. Each formed a line that crossed the other group to form a large white X in the night sky. After about 5 seconds, many of the spots in the X formation increased their luminosity by double or more. At that moment they all scattered, then repeated the pattern again. Each whitish object in the sky seemed to be dragging something behind it.

Many citizens saw these objects performing in the sky. It was located directly above East Street South Exit.

On eyewitness named Mr. Jiang stated, "These things stayed in a group and kept it moving. They flew apart at the most 100 meters from oneanother.

Another eyewitness, Ms. Chan stated, "there was a cloud over the objects that was in the shape of a dragon and was recorded on many of our cell phones."

The China Daily estimates that hundreds of people were eyewitnesses to these strange white objects glowing and rotating in the night sky.

Another eyewitness said, "they suddenly came together, and quickly spread out."

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