Is the NASA Sunspot Photo Really an Entry & Exit for Alien UFOs? #ufosighting

Is this NASA Sunspot Photo Really an Entry & Exit for Alien UFOs?

In July of 2010, youtube became a buzz with new NASA photos and video of UFOs 1-8 times larger than earth racing through the flames of the sun and hovering there, not in orbit, but moving in zigzag patterns and never catching on fire. These photos are of giant orb like objects. (source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MvClHPjpLA )

Photo below shows 2 UFOs in-near sun.

September 2, 2010 NASA announces that it will send a car-sized probe into the sun to plunge through its flames and into its depths. This is to send back data about things some scientists have speculated about. (Source: yahoo news) Their questions;

1. Did aliens artificially construct the sun?

2. Are alien UFOs really in the flames of the sun?

3. Is there really an endless ocean of flames and gasses or…is there a hidden world underneath a mirage of flames?

Surly this seems absurd, but lets look at another news article released on September 3, 2010. This article states that a massive sunspot the likes of which have never been seen before by astronomers suddenly appeared and yes…they got a photo. The photo supposedly shows a “cosmic flower,” an all seeing eye of Sauron, but actually shows something more stunning. It shows an opening below its surface and within the dark black depths below. That’s right, its not flames and gas burning in turmoil, but darkness. My theory, (Scott C. Waring) is that NASA wants to send a probe not plummeting into the flames of the sun, but instead into one of these openings to see where it takes the probe. (Source: Foxnews.com)

NASA only needs the probe to send back data as it enters the sunspot and begins to make its journey into and down it for a few minutes. That data should be enough to enlightening NASA to the true situation.

What I am getting at is this, aliens are not as ridiculous of a notion as the US government would prefer you to believe. They want to use their info on aliens for their military advantage to insure that the US will remain the world power. That’s how governments work. Military secrets must be kept quiet and not shared with the public under any circumstances.

Look at the photo and judge for yourself. Is this an opening to an alien world or a just a spot? Note that the sun would fit 960,000 earths inside of it. If you melted the earth into a liquid, you would fit 1,300,000 earths into the sun. That my friend is a lot of room to play in. If aliens found a way to shield their ships in the day sky right in front of our eyes so that they appear invisible, isn’t it also possible that aliens that may be billions of years ahead of us might and also have developed an entire shield that appears like a sun, but in actuality is a giant cloaked world just waiting for humans to become intelligent enough to discover them. Why hide from humans, easy…aliens want knowledge of their earliest beginnings, they want to learn about their own earliest history. The history that happened for them…billions of years ago. Think of it this way, governments on earth have been known to change their history books at the whim of the presidents feelings about it, not to mention that every writer puts a lot of their own personality into their writing, which can also change the history. Think about it and make a decision for yourself about the sunspot, the sun probe and what NASA is really up to. You don’t need a government to tell you what to think. Your opinion and thoughts are important to the world and they are important to me.

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