UFO Sighting In Zhejiang, China On August 31, 2010 For 3 hours, see video.

People’s Daily Online has reported another UFO sighting in Eastern China. This one was spotted on August 31st in the southwestern Haiyan County of Zhejiang Province.

The object sighted on Tuesday night was very bright, according to eyewitnesses. It was visible for at least three hours. It drew the attention of two reporters from Haiyan’s local television station. The reporters who followed the object by car were said to have taken relatively clear pictures of it.

The reporters stated that the pictures they took show: “a round object that had shining blue lights, and several other flickering objects around it.”

The object’s appearance seemed to change at one point, according to eyewitnesses. The round object seemingly became rectangular before eventually flying higher and disappearing.
Other witnesses said that the object constantly twinkled and was not flying at a high altitude. One of them noted: “It looked quite big and it seemed that it was moving.”

This is the latest in a string of UFO sightings in Eastern China. Two of those sightings made international news, reported by ABC News, Fox News, CNN and others.

Earlier this year, on July 7th, a UFO sighting caused the Hangzou Xiaoshan Airport to be shut down, also in Zhejiang Province. Twenty flights were diverted to neighboring airports. A team of experts from Shanghai and Beijing joined in on the resulting investigation into the incident. The experts concluded that the object was likely an illegally flying private plane, but have not identified the plane or the pilot.

A week later, a UFO was spotted in Chongqing in Sichuan Province. This object also remains unidentified.

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