UFO Sighting & Photos taken in Colorado, US on 9-10-2010. UFO Sighting News.

UFO Sighting & Photos taken in Colorado, US on 9-10-2010.

Date of sighting: 9-10-2010
Location of sighting: colorado, US

I was taking my granddaughter for a walk in broad daylight near my home. There were scattered clouds in the sky, but it was mostly clear. I looked up and noticed an odd shaped object moving slowly from a westerly direction moving easterly.

In the above photo, you see a green ball directly below the silver orb.

It was high in the sky and it was quite a long distance from my vantage point but I could tell immediately that it was not an aircraft (there were no wings or helicopter blades and there was no sound). My first thought was that it was some sort of balloon but it didn't resemble balloon shapes that I'm familiar with. After moving slowly eastward for a time, it stopped and hovered above my head for perhaps a minute or so. I always carry a small camera with me so I pulled it out and snapped a couple of photos zooming to the maximum that this camera is capable of (about 5x). I wasn't sure that the pictures would turn out since it was difficult to zero in on the image with the camera's viewfinder. After a minute or so the object drifted behind a small cloud. I watched for several minutes thinking that it would pass through the cloud and become visible again. After it vanished behind the cloud I never saw it again. My initial reaction was that this was an object that is not commonly seen, at least in my experience, and it definitely piqued my curiosity.

I was quite surprised to discover that the photos captured the object fairly well, especially the second photo. When zeroing in on the object with my computer's software I was very surprised to see that it was shaped like a dirigible or torpedo but it seems too small to be a blimp or similar type aircraft. It also appears to have a shiny metallic skin the reflects sunlight. The fact that it stopped and hovered for awhile also seems a bit strange since the cloud next to it was moving slowly with the prevailing wind. After viewing the photos on my computer I felt a sense of mystery and intrigue and am really anxious to see if there's some sort of conventional explanation for this sighting. I suppose it could be some sort of weather or scientific research balloon and I intend to do some follow-up to see whether or not that is a plausible explanation. I do find it especially strange that the object did not appear again after drifting behind the cloud.

Any insights that you can provide would be appreciated. If you have any further questions feel free o contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
-Alan Saville

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