China News, UFO Sighting Photographed in Kunming, China Oct 14, 2010.

China News, UFO Sighting Photographed in Kunming, China Oct 14, 2010.

According to eyewitness testimonial which is published in china media " Dong Rong, a resident of China's Kunming photographed UFO in Kunming, China on October 14, 2010"

Dong said that he went out to take photos of the city's night view the other day and later found that there were two saucer-shaped objects in one of the photos. His family and colleagues all think the objects look very much like UFOs, and Zhang also said after looking at the photo that the two objects are very possibly two UFOs.

Dong said that photographing the UFOs was quite accidental. He had been looking forward to visiting the West Mountain Scenic Area and taking pictures of the Kunming night view since the mountain started admitting visitors at night earlier this year.

He went to climb the West Mountain with a few travel enthusiasts on Oct. 14 and arrived at the Jade Emperor Pavilion at about 6:30 p.m. when the streetlights came on. Dong chose a suitable camera angle and spent one hour taking 44 pictures altogether.

Dong saw two saucer-shaped flying objects in one of the 44 pictures later at home. Unsure whether they are real UFOs, he showed the picture to his family and colleagues who all think the two objects are exactly like UFOs.

The picture was initially thought to be taken at 7:05 p.m. because the picture itself shows so, but later Dong found the time of his camera was 15 minutes faster than standard time, meaning that the actual time should be 6:50 p.m. His camera is a Canon 40D with a 17-40/F4 lens, and its exposure time is about 20 seconds. There are no similar objects in other pictures.

Afterwards, Dong also showed the picture to Zhang and told the UFO expert details of the situation at that time. Zhang noted that there were two possibilities. Either Dong really photographed UFOs or it was caused by the reflected light from searchlights.

"However, according to the photographer's accounts, the second possibility is extremely faint because the camera's exposure time is only 20 seconds, and Dong took quite a few pictures, but only one had the saucer-shaped objects, which disappeared very quickly," Zhang said.

Furthermore, the two objects were very clearly seen in the picture, indicating they were stationary at that time, so it is very likely that they are UFOs.

"Unfortunately, Dong only took one picture of the UFOs. If there were more pictures, the direction and speed of flight of the flying objects can be determined," Zhang said.

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