UFO sighting of grey metallic orb at Cheung Chau, China Oct 16, 2010, see photos.

UFO sighting of grey metallic orb at Cheung Chau, China Oct 16, 2010.

UFO Sighting Time: 12:12 Noon, October 16, 2010

UFO Sighting Location: Cheung Chau, China, looking towards North.

When using the China weather cams, I noticed another UFO in the same location that I reported one last month. This time the UFO looks like a gray metallic orb hovering in the mountains overlooking Cheung Chau city. This cam only takes one photo ever 15 minutes so the before and after photos did not capture the UFO so this means the sighting lasted less than 15 minutes.

Above photo has orb far away over mountain.

The China weather cam service has 15 cams so I checked a few others to see if they captured any similar craft. I did see in the same web cam at 13:15 a object farther away near same location one hour latter that looked like the same orb, but can not be sure. Then again in another China web cam saw the orb a at 13:15 at Peng Chau (over looking Victoria Harbor towards the East). Note this 2nd & 3rd sighting cams are of same locations but different angles.

1st sighting: Cheung Chau weather cam 12:12 Oct 16, 2010.

2nd sighting: Cheung Chau weather cam 13:15 Oct 16, 2010.

3rd sighing: Peng Chau weather cam 13:15 Oct 16, 2010 (this lets you see same area as Cheung Chau cam, but closer up and different angle. Yes same craft in #2 and #3 at same time but different angle of cams.

China web cams: http://www.hko.gov.hk/wxinfo/ts/index_e_webcam.htm

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