UFO sighting in New Hampshire on Oct 16, 2010 see photo of craft.

Sighting Location: New Hampshire, USA
Date of Sighting: October 16, 2010

Was in my home and saw out my window two flashes in the sky. Beautiful bright orange in color and over the lake.

May have been asteroids...you tell me. Saw two in the western sky over Lake Opechee in Laconia, New Hampshire at exactly 5:00 PM EST. By the time I got my SLR 6 megapixel camera one had vanished. Took twelve successive shots from my porch through an open window till the second one vanished.

I was very excited to have seen two and photographed one.

NOTE: The most common times of the day or night when UFO sightings usually take place are the few minutes of sunrise and sunset. It is at these times that the sun's position in the sky changes when it hits cloaked UFOs. The cloaked craft usually look transparent making them hard to see, but when the sun's position changes to a almost 90% angle of the person viewing the sky, this light will actually reveal cloaked craft for 30 seconds to 15 minutes depending on your luck. So grab your cameras when sunset begins and post your photos you find on youtube, flickr or at mufon.com so others can share your experience.

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