UFO sighting over Chicago, Illinois of glowing craft on Oct 20, 2010, photos here.

Location of sighting: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Date of sighting: October 20, 2010

Description: Two bright objects heading west at high speed. SW suburbs of Chicago.

My wife and I were standing outside at 6:08 pm in the SW suburb of Chicago called Oak Forest when I noticed to the west 2 bright streaking objects heading West. We both said what are those.

I figured they were high flying planes getting some type reflection off the setting sun. Still they looked weird and I grabbed my phone and snapped 2 pictures before they disappeared behind the trees. You can see one object clearly while the second object which is directly below had just started to go behind the tree.

I took 2 pictures about 7-8 seconds apart. The sun was setting and the moon was bright but in the eastern sky behind us.Never seen anything like it before. I then witnessed an grayish blue airliner flying low heading south in the same patch of sky as the two objects.Here's the photos for what they're worth.

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