Maryland Sunset reveals UFO sighting over Lake, Nov 9, 2020, see photos.

Location of sighting: Deep Creek Lake, McHenry, Maryland
Date of sighing: November 9, 2010

I was watching a Maryland live cam on the net when I noticed the odd craft moving upwards very slowly. The blue craft was rising upwards from the water and changing color very slowly as it did so. I took a screenshot and thought it was strange and believed it would go away very soon, but still 15 minutes later it was still there but higher and orange now. Note: majority of UFO Sightings are seen during sunset and sunrise.

With size comparison, the UFO looks about the size of a small size car.

Note: the below photo shows where I first saw the UFO. Look like it could be over water or over the house.

I have to admit, at first I thought it was a reflection on the water, then as it moved up with the mountain in the background I became confuse, no reflection can do that as far as I know. The shape of the glow looks like the classic flying disc. The UFO disappeared at the top of the cam screen. I am including three screen shots of the cam I took, two of the craft, one with no craft.

Below photo after craft left.

I have heard about others on youtube seeing UFOs on live cams and it looks to me like they are 100% correct. Live cams are useful tools for finding UFOs.

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