Wheel UFO Sighting in Aquitaine, France on Oct 31, 2010, photos.

Location of sighting: Aquitaine, France
Date of sighting: Oct 31, 2010

I was watching a live cam of Aquitaine, France when I noticed that there was a wheel shaped UFO sitting at the middle right of the cam photo. It was not touching the mountain but instead just sitting above it. I did not have time to watch it long, I had things to do, but when I checked again a half hour later it was gone. The wheel craft seems to have another circle in its middle.

Photo time is at top of screen shot 14:26

When I checked again at 14:55 I took the below screen shot, this time it was gone.

I have heard a lot of UFO reports about UFO wheels being seen in the sky long ago, so I googled it and found this info on it.

1: Wheel UFO on 593 BC

UFO: Ezekiel's Wheel-593 BC
One of the earliest written descriptions of a UFO was found in the bible. Ezekiel's Wheel is thought by many to be Ezekiel's description of a UFO sighting.

2. Germany Wheel UFO in Nov 4, 1697.

UFO glowing wheels sighting over Hamburg Germany November 4 1697

Interviu cu un Extraterestru-Adevarul este mai straniu decat fictiunea ALIEN INTERVIEW- "Truth is stranger than fiction"
This picture shows a UFO sighting over Hamburg, Germany
The objects were described as 'two glowing wheels' -
Nov 4, 1697 - Wheels - Spoked Wheels.

Cheber River, Chaldea (Modern Iraq)

3. Norway Spiral UFO wheel on Dec 9, 2009

Remember when President Obama was about to receive his Nobel Peace Prize in Norway and the wheel spiral appeared over Norway seen by hundreds of cities.

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