Two UFOs around Sun in photo taken on Dec 17, 2010, #ufosighting

Two UFOs around Sun in photo taken on Dec 17, 2010, #ufosighting

Date of sighting: December 17, 2010
Location of sighting: O'Higgins, Antarctica

When looking at the O'Higgins Station in Antarctica, I noticed the phenomenon called black sun. This is when a digital camera takes a photo of the sun and the sun itself looks black.

The sun I noticed was not alone. There were two objects around it, both round and the same space from the sun. I took these shots on Dec 17, but I also saw the same UFOs near the sun back in Dec 10, 2010.
Below is Dec 10 photo.

Below: see the two orbs on left side of sun?

I don't know if you ever visited Youtube to look up UFO sightings, but if you get the chance, search, "UFO, sun." Those key words will cause a lot of videos made from NASA sun shots & video that have large UFOs in the flames of the sun that are 10X bigger than Earth. These objects move faster than a planet and never catch fire said NASA. NASA says they don't know what they are, there fore the term UFO comes in.

Cam is at: http://www.martingrund.de/pinguine/station.htm

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