UFO sighting over Volcano in Chile of diamond purple craft, Dec 15, 2010.

UFO sighting over Volcano in Chile of diamond purple craft, Dec 15, 2010.

Sighting Location: Volcano Villarrica, Chile
Sighting Date: Dec 15, 2010

I was leaving work and took a quick look at a volcano cam for five minutes and caught sight of this pink-purple diamond cloud over the volcano. I thought it strange and assumed it would move away with the smoke from the volcano. The smoke blew to the right of the volcano continuously, but the diamond craft did not move.

I have seen such UFOs above the volcano near Mexico City, Mexico, but this cam in Chile is much better in that it has live video, not the still shots every 5 seconds that the Mexico cam has. I should have taken a short video but as I said before I was leaving work and had plans, giving me no time to record video.

The Chile Volcano cam is at: http://www2.sernageomin.cl/ovdas/ovdas7/webcam_villarrica.html


Someone left a comment that I faked the sightings earlier. Why would I do that? First this is time consuming on my part to find the sightings on live cam and second I usually give you the cam address so you can see it too? I sometimes (four times) announced the UFO sightings while it was happening on Facebook & Twitter and even told 3 other UFO sights and directly mailed to a head MUFON investigator who sometimes emails me about info. Sure I wrote some books, but I did it because I love to write, just like I do now reporting UFO sightings. Oh, and on Twitter over 10 people confirmed the live UFO sighting over Los Angeles last week & over 27 people confirmed they saw it too on my Youtube channel. (I made a short video and put it up on youtube while it was happening telling them to look before it ends). Oh, and I have had a UFO sighting when in the USAF at a SAC base which involved hundreds of people and over 30 UFOs. That is why I do this.

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