Famous South Korean rapper records UFO Sighting on video, amazing footage & photos.

Famous South Korean rapper records UFO Sighting on video, amazing footage & photos.

Jang Woo Hyuk, a singer well known for being a part of popular old school idol group H.O.T, revealed a video clip of what appears to be a UFO back in October.

On the 15th, this singer had an interview with SBS’s ‘That Which I Want to Know‘ and explained the situation of how he came to witness and film the UFO. He stated, “I was walking back from exercising around the Yang Jae area and remembered watching the news about a full moon that was supposed to appear that night so I decided to film it.” He continued, “I saw it but it quickly passed by… All of a sudden I thought, ‘What is that?’ and filmed it along as well,” revealing a video clip he filmed through his cell phone.

In the video clip, there is an unknown white substance moving at a relatively quick rate around the top area of the screen. The singer also commented, “The full moon seen with the naked eye is pretty big but through the video clip it appears very small. So if this UFO within the clip shows that bright of light, it probably means that the substance is very big… it’s speed was simply incredible.”

Jang Woo Hyuk also caused a topic of hot interest when he uploaded this video clip on his own personal website. If you view the 15-second long video clip Jang Woo Hyuk posted, you can see that at the beginning of around 8 to 9 seconds there is a small bright light that suddenly appears and disappears within an instant.

Meanwhile, during this episode of ‘What Which I Want to Know’ different UFO clips from around the world including footage from England and New Zealand were shown, and the topic of UFO was covered in extensive detail.

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