UFO Sighting caught on camera In Italy mountain range on Jan 25, 2011, Photos.

Date of sighting: January 25, 2011
Location of sighting: Abruzzi Mountains, Italy

First photo was taken at 1-25-2011 at 07:31 AM. When looking over an Italy cam I noticed in the archives, taken just 8-10 hours earlier were still shots of a white object floating low over the mountain range. The sunlight is reflected off the mountains and off of the object, giving us more detail by revealing the UFOs true color.

It is possible since these photos were taken exactly 1 hour apart and the times on the photos are taken upon the same minute of the next hour, that these two objects may be just one UFO that was closer in the early morning hour in the below photo and further away an hour later.

The second photo was taken on 1-25-2011 at 06:31 AM. In another still shot taken my the same live Italy cam, I found a unusual UFO caught on the cams night vision. Now in this photo below the cam has switched on the IR or infrared vision. This allows the camera to see things beyond the spectrum of the human eye. Some people will try to say it is the moon, but the moon is clear when it is on this cam, but this object only projects light in four directions, meaning it is not circular like the moon. This is a lucky catch on live cam. I have seen very similar glowing UFOs in the NASA archives of the Apollo moon walk missions.

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