UFO Sighting over Mesa, Arizona of white orb near plane on Feb 10, 2011, Photos.

UFO Sighting over Mesa, Arizona of white orb near plane on Feb 10, 2011, Photos.

Sighting Location: Mesa, Arizona, USA
Date of sighting: February 10, 2011

On February 10, 2011 in Mesa, AZ around 2:30PM, I went outside onto my porch to watch the sky for a little bit. I seen the normal things flying such as jets, birds, etc. Then after a little while, I decided to lite a cigarette.

As I glanced towards the sky that was directly in front of me with just my eyes only and while liting the cigarette, I thought I seen what I thought was a small and bright ball of light high in the sky hovering and less than half a mile from location which that sighting lasted just a few moments. I quickly looked through the camera's telescopic lens to see if I could locate it thinking that maybe it was just a speck of dust or something that just briefly appear and disappeared. I could not locate that ball of light, but I did take a few pictures of the general area of the sky anyways for me to later closely examine.

While I continued to watch the sky in the general area where I once saw the UFO, 2 to 5 minutes later a small plane quickly flew passed my location very near me from the east at a low altitude and from behind my location. The plane appeared to be at the same altitude I seen the UFO. The plane circled the general area once where I had previously seen the UFO. After the plane circled the area just once, it headed then in a N or NW direction. I also took lots of pictures of that plane. When that plane circled around the general area of where I once spotted the UFO, it's circling the area indicated to me that the pilot must have seen the UFO too from a far distant, and he/she came to the area to check out the bright light. I never seen a plane do a circle in the sky in my neighborhood, and the general area where the UFO was seen is also in the general section or main flight path of commercial jets and small planes.

The sky was blue, no clouds, crystal clear day, and mild sunrays. The wind seem to be blowing from the north very gently. The temperature was somewhere around 70 degrees.

Source: Mufon.com

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