Glass Dome Found on Moons Surface, NASA Photos here, UFO Sighting News.

Glass Dome Found on Moons Surface, NASA Photos here, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 9, 2011
Location of sighting: 5 deg South, 134.1 deg East. NASA Photo Archives, Lunar surface

Also note the face of an old man on the left.

Last night I was looking over a few NASA photos taken back in Dec of 1972 and discovered the legendary glass dome over a moon crater. Mind you, I have heard the story about the glass dome existing and I even found it about 5 years ago, but then forgot how to find it again. This time I took some screenshots.

Photos below are not AS17-P-1928 but are from photo AS17-P-1923

Note the different lighting.

Supposedly this is where NASA found the abandoned alien base that was still in working order and then they stationed 1000 US Marines on it, or so the story goes from the info that computer hacker Gary McKinnon has stated in interviews. If this is true and this dome over the crater is the base, then these photos I am posting today may be the first ever photos of the city of "Luna" as its been called in the past.

There are two actual photo panoramic of this, each shot has a different lighting to it. They are:



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