UFO at Area 51 on Google Map was covered up by New Hanger, compare photos. 2011 but updated 2016. UFO Sighting News.

Updated photos on June 2016: All photos had been deleted from this post, and I had it posted on over 15 others micro sites...all photos on all sites were deleted. FU US GOV! SCW

UFO at Area 51 on Google Map was covered up by New Hanger, compare photos.

This first photo was taken last year, click to enlarge.

A year an a half ago I found a 108 foot UFO at Area 51, but this part of Area 51 USAF base is called Area S4. S4 is the area that is responsible for back engineering alien technology so that the USAF can learn how to create it and control it for themselves.

This photo was taken today.

I learned of Area S4 from Robert (Bob) Lazar, who was a scientist involved in back engineering one of the flying disks that they had at Area S4. He stated that there were eight disks, each different and clearly not man made. How they got them he did not not and was not told, and he was only allowed to work one one of them, trying to understand the workings of how it flew.

Note: Below all planes are not visible now.

I went to this location of Google Earth map again today. The hanger the 108 foot UFO was sticking out from was now finished. Last year it was still unfinished when the satellite photo for Google Earth was taken. Compare photos and see for yourself. Also last year I made a short video because I knew that the UFO would be covered up soon.

Since they built the special hanger, larger than the 108 foot UFO and the entrance in in the half circle shape, then we can assume that the UFO is still there and it is a new human driven disk that uses alien technology to hover. The main fuel of this craft from what Bob Lazar said is "element 115." It would be only the size of a half dollar coin but would supply energy for up to 20 years. Then engines of course would be the anti gravity wave emitters.

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