UFO Sighting of craft flying over Medford, Oregon on April 24, 2011, Close up photos.

UFO Sighting of craft flying over Medford, Oregon on April 24, 2011, Close up photos.

Date of sighting: April 24, 2011
Location of sighting: Medford, Oregon, USA

Spotted this odd shaped blob passing by about 1500 feet altitude, traveling with the wind West to East and about 1/4 mile away. At first it looked like a large vulture that was soaring, but then as it got closer we could make out the shape better. No noise, but my wife and I both noticed some sort of aura or energy field that seemed to distort the air right around this thing.

Note: the orig photo is 2MB.

I then ran inside to get my camera while my wife kept watching. Got this one decent picture, but when I tried to zoom in on it my camera started acting erratically and then I lost track of the object. Called my brother that lives on the other end of town to see if he could see it, and he immediately did spot it and tried to photograph it but had the same problem with focusing.

Photos submitted:

Source: Mufon.com

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    1. It is possible, but we need evidence that its a ballon like the ribbon string that hangs from balloons or string, or kids walking around with balloons or an amusement park nearby, however you may be right.

  2. sorry if you think im not being nice, but i think thats a balloon.


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