Colorado UFO sighting of strange craft over mountains, May 21, 2011 photos.

Colorado UFO sighting of strange craft over mountains, May 21, 2011 photos.

Date of sighting: May 21, 2011
Location of sighting: Falcon, Colorado, USA

Eyewitness states:

"Saturday afternoon, nearly at 1200, I stepped out into the back yard to take a panoramic photo of the mountains. I don't take many scenic pictures, however after looking out the window to the west, i decided to get the camera. The photo included with this report is a panoramic frame using three separate photos taken moments apart. In my mind that rules out a defect/debris on the lens (otherwise it would appear three times)."

"My camera is a Fujifilm finepix S1000 fd. It was mounted on a tripod at 12x optical zoom, and 3mb resolution. This photo was uploaded to Facebook, and several of my family and friends "liked" it, or commented. Sunday evening I was taking a second look at the picture when it became apparent that the screen on my computer was in need of a cleaning. That is when I detected the black spot on the right side of the frame. I could not identify the object in the picture. After magnifying the object on my screen it became clear to me that I was looking at something with a defined shape, but nothing familiar to me. We do see some air traffic here in the Colorado springs area, and I was an aviation ordinance man in the marine corps. So, I'm good at aircraft identification. This object does not appear to me to be a bird, or aircraft, so i have decided to report it as "unidentified", and "flying"

"note: At no time did I detect this with my naked eye, and did not discover it in the the photo until a day later."

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