Obama tells Donald Trump to "Go investigate Roswell," and upsets millions of UFO researchers worldwide, UFO Sighting News.

Obama tells Donald Trump to "Go investigate Roswell," upsets millions of UFO researchers, UFO Sighting News.

Thats right, Obama did it again, trying to get even with Donald Trump he ended up in hot water with millions of UFO researchers around the globe. Blogs are going wild about why US President Obama would take such important events so frivolously? I guess this is why the British called him a smart alac. He avoids the real issues with jokes.

Donald below.

At one point Obama stops and states to Trump, "He can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter, like did we fake the moon landing and what really happened at Roswell?"

Despite grand ideas concerning government transparency at the outset of the Obama administration, it would appear no real “change” has been forthcoming.

President Obama has said if something is to be kept secret that he will “… tell you why.” The problem with this is how does one pose the question to begin with? Attempts have been made to contact the White House concerning UFO secrecy, calls have been made, letters sent, but the administration refuses to acknowledge this. And so it would appear that the easiest way to not keep one’s word, such as telling the American public why they can’t have this information, is to make a joke about it. In turn by he made a joke knocking every one who has ever witnessed a UFO sighting, everyone that has ever done research about UFOs, aliens, and government coverups.

I see a trend here...of continuing coverups by the Obama Administration through lies, jokes and making those that find UFO evidence look like clowns at a circus.

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  1. This present U.S.president have been nothing but a joke imo, thats why for instance those seditionist up in Oregon thats hold up & illegally armed to the teeth in a gov owned facilitie have not yet been vaporized such as say for instance those peaceful protesters against cop brutality the "Black Lives Matter" individuals would have quickly been w/ in day 1 imo, yes & what a joke he Obama is to the american "Tea Baggin Party" now, tho somethin tells me Hillary just may have slightly bigger balls than Obama, & may have had vaporized out of existance the Oregon right wing seditionist to smithereens, & hell can ya blame the UFO disclosure community to not retain respect for such a wishy washy pres such as Obama have shown himself to be in a number of regards domesticity as a so called U.S. pres...

    On the other hand Trump being a wealthy right wing leaning bombastic talking idiot does not have the foreign policy skills thats been proven such as a former sec of state H Clinton to this tho lousy domestic policy pres but a very good foreign policy pres are present Obama, to deal i feel w/ the likes of Putin whom i feel now is waiting to sink his sharp pointy claws & teeth into the likes of a american president who is a globally uninformed rich dumb numbskull such as heaven forbid Trump would be, & who i really & trully feel that Putin can easily manipulate, & as for the rest of the american right wing repub party I,g. well imo those crooked shitbags & religious scumbags amoung them all seems determined to send your american civilization & hopefully the world if they can pull it off into the Stone Age...


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