Jet chases UFO across sky, Sweden UFO Sighting of May 2011, video.

Jet chases UFO across sky, Sweden UFO Sighting of May 2011, video.

Date of sighting: May ?, 2011
Location of sighting:, Goteborg, Sweden

A Swedish YouTube user who calls himself 'Cosmicstartraveler' has been regularly filming UFO footage in the vicinity of his place of residence, near the city of Goteborg in Sweden.

Around two weeks ago he managed to film a glowing star-like UFO above a local lake, Harlanda Tjarn, popular with Swedish amateur fishermen. The UFO seen in the video below moved behind the clouds and though very distant at first, gets closer and closer as the witness continues to film.

Not long after noticing the alien craft a military plane is seen and heard in the vicinity. According to the witness the plane is definitely chasing the UFO, or at the very least observing it up close.

UFO sightings are fairly common in Sweden and recently the Swedish government released what it claimed were all of its previously classified UFO files. Many were disappointed at the quality of the files and insisted that Sweden was holding back the more compelling documents on the topic.

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