Taipei, Taiwan UFO Sighting of bright colorful spot below clouds, May 7, 2011.

Date of sighting: May 7, 2011
Location of sighting: Taipei, Taiwan
Source: http://n.yam.com/ebcnews/life/201105/20110508646408.html

Three new Taipei colorful lights lit up the night sky, appearing as a large bright spot below the clouds. Local residents said the bright spots lasted for 10 minutes in the air, floating around, but also zoom in and out, and finally disappeared. Many called it a flying saucer that was hiding below the clouds.

This happened at 8pm on May 7 at Taipei City. The sky suddenly changed becoming darker because it was cloudy and no blue sky was visible. The bright spot below the clouds was particularly prominent, local residents were talking about it for a long time on the streets. Someone picked up the video camera and recorded half of it, suddenly bright spot enlarged from out of nowhere. Highlights clearly showed more colors, red, blue, green, purple alternating.

Also these strange bright spots have happened as early as last month when someone in the back of the bridge recorded them. During that sighting hundreds of eyewitnesses were there.

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