UFO Crashes in Basking Ridge, New Jersey then flys away, May 13, 2011, on News Cast, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 13, 2011
Location of sighting: Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA

20 miles from New York City something fell from the sky and crashed on the grass throwing up the dirt and spilling it over four meters away. What fell from the sky is baffling everyone, because when someone went to investigate a few hours later, they found an empty hole. Whatever it was that fell, survived and left. Or perhaps someone (MIB) got there first and took the craft or probe.

The unidentified flying object landed near the front of a local homeowner's yard. Early suspicions were that it was a space rock but that remains unclear, because whatever object made the huge hole left no clues. It left no metal, no scorch marks, and no animal tracks. So far investigators have ruled out something falling off a passing airplane, fireworks or kids playing a prank as the cause of the mysterious hole.

Bill McCain, an astronomer at the nearby Raritan Valley Community College Planetarium, told PIX 11 News, "It is a mystery, because I was over there and I saw it. All the details point towards something impacting. It also looks like there could have been an explosion from underground, but that's all been ruled out. The only thing left is an impact, but we can't find anything that actually caused the impact so it's really a mystery. I'm as baffled as you are at this point."

Neighbor Leo Labbe told PIX 11 News, "It's a mystery. We don't now what happened, I was in the house, and heard absolutely nothing, until I came out at 4 o'clock and there was an army of police cars and everything else here...we haven't a clue what happened...public service and the gas company came along and took all kinds of tests - they did sniff tests for gas - there was no electrical interruption. It's just a bizarre thing that I've never seen before and probably never will again!"

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