UFO Over Cachi, Argentina Witnessed by Thousands, April 23, 2011, Photo.

UFO Over Cachi, Argentina Witnessed by Thousands, April 23, 2011, Photo.

Date of sighting: April 23, 2011
Location of sighting: Cachi (San Miguel de Tucuman), Argentina

On Saturday, April 23, 2011 the city of Cachi was the tourists choice not only for its natural wonders and the warmth of the "vallistas" who live there. It was also chose by an unidentified flying object, which flew through its skies in front of the gaze of thousands of onlookers.

One eyewitness managed to capture the moment in a photo: It was renowned aviator Tony Galvagno, the protagonist of the 1990's UFO incident where he was witness to a falling object that had a tremendous explosion as it hit the ground. He later went public and told how he was being threatened by various government organizations, who caused him to desist from the research he had undertaken.

According to his accounts of what happened last weekend, the ship remained suspended in the air for nearly half an hour, between 7:30 pm and 8 pm on Saturday, April 23, 2011. Galvagno says that he decided to spend a few days with his family at Cachi, renting a house in the urban section of town.

"On Saturday afternoon, during prayers, we saw a strange formation between the mountains, similar to a massive UFO. Being dark, because the sun was behind it, we did not pay it much attention, supposing that it was merely a cloud," states Galvagno. However, he explains that after a few minutes went by, and as daylight faded, metallic flashes began to emerge from the object, making Galvagno and his family as well as hundreds of tourists walking the town square, certain that it was not a plain and simple cumulus nimbus, but a vessel.

"I commented on it with many other people, as the object remained suspended in the sky, and we all agreed that at nightfall, it revealed the perfect, well defined and metallic lines of a UFO. And it vanished thus, before our eyes of hundreds of onlookers," stated the pilot.


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