UFO Sighting over Saratoga, California of triangle glowing craft, May 8, 2011.

Sighting Date: May 8, 2011
Sighting Location: Saratoga, California

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Eyewitness states:

"So as usual I was star-gazing (and watching for any "strange lights") from my front patio. As I moved my eyes over towards the Santa Cruz mountains I noticed a very bright orb which was pretty much stationary except it kinda moved left and right a little. During this time, there were a few planes flying by it, but maybe a mile distance away. Now the way these planes were moving by it was from North to South. I'd like to also add that this is not a normal flight path, and the only time planes or choppers fly in this area is during any strange light activity. When the planes did fly nearby (it was a total of three), the "orb" would get even brighter then dim down just a bit after they passed."

"I remembered to get my camera out to try to get some photos this time. I zoomed in as much as possible and took about 15 photos. When I reviewed them, most came out looking like a galaxy of rainbow colors from the movement it was making, but in two, you can make out the shape of a triangle. After I took the photos, I went to the computer to upload them which took about 5-7 minutes. Meanwhile I kept checking back every few minutes to see if it was still present. At 2320 hours, I went back out to check again, and it was completely gone."

"Next week I should get my telescope back from the shop, and will be able to see things better, and will be able to take pics through my tele. I have noticed a pattern though. These "lights/orbs" seem to hover in one area for a 2-3 day span at the same time every night, then move onto another area and do the same. Maybe they are scoping out areas for something. This event last night was not too far from the Cupertino quarry. Maybe 3 miles away. There is so much activity in this area, and I wonder if there is some mineral or something they are after."

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