UFO sighting of many orbs over Reno, Nevada and Military jet on June 19, 2011.

Date of sighting: June 19, 2011
Location of sighting: Reno, Nevada, USA

Please note: The video sent to me when converted to youtube mov. file lowered its quality so its harder to view them, yet the last two orbs are easy to see and the jet are still visible. :(

Click on photo to enlarge.

This UFO sighting is a report sent in to us by Michael or Reno, Nevada. He is a Facebook friend of mine (SCW). He made this video while he was in the park in Reno and happened to catch these white orbs flying around the clouds. I don't know how he does it but he is great at catching sight of them. I counted 4 but then a 5th shoots across at incredible speeds.

You have to see this video in full screen mode to see the orbs, but there are there and they are moving in all directions which means not balloons because balloons move in the same direction. Also one shoots across the screen at high speeds. At the end of the video he records a military jet that came to investigate the UFOs seen on radar. Amazing video all around and great music.

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  1. I also saw a "swarm" of dot UFO'S along the Eastern Sierras south of Reno in the Summer of 2011 - two different nights . They appeared to be the same objects that are in the daytime videos shown here , except there were many more ! It was difficult to judge the size , and distance at night . They appeared to be dancing around in a large area . The best description is an analogy from "The Return of the Jedi" , in the final space battle for the "Death Star" ( sorry it's the best I can come up with ) - as if they were Dog Fighting . I attempted to shoot a video , but the resolution was crappy . On the second night , I observed them for an hour and a half . So I decided to call the Reno Police Dept. to report it to an official agency . They were amused , but said they would check it out - they did not call me back . I also made an effort to report the sighting to the "National UFO Reporting center . The gentleman that I talked to was such a TOOL , that I said that he must work for the Government - and hung up on him ! I never tried to follow up with the report after that . I was a bit frustrated with them . Mike Cooper

  2. A lot of UFO guys are overly paranoid about govt agents messing with them. I for one just don't care about such govt trolls. They are harmless.

    Your sighting back in 2011 sounds exciting. Don't worry, the average person has several sightings over a lifetime...but depends on how often they look up of course. You will see them again, and with a new HD camera I bet. Good luck my friend. SCW


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