UFO sighting over Vancouver, Canada of silver disk in HD detail, June 5, 2011, photos.

UFO sighting over Vancouver, Canada of silver disk in HD detail, June 5, 2011, photos.

Date of sighting: June 5, 2011
Location of sighting: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Look at these amazing photos of this UFO seen over Vancouver recently. The object can be clearly seen rotating. The surface of the craft looks very metallic due to the reflection we see. Also the unusual large orbs on the side of the craft make it one of the most rare of UFOs. I have not see such a UFO since the Billy Meiers UFO case back in the 1970s-80. I don't know what camera they are using but from the quality of the photos it looks like a SLR. I gotta get one of those. Nice photos all around.

Understand, clear photos does not mean fakes. Today's SLR cameras kick butt!

UFO.photos.vancouver.05.06.2011 by androbate

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  1. It does remind me also of one of the Billy Mier craft too Scott, & personally i've never seen this model in R/C drone either that anyone can easily buy from the web nowadays but remember that they make some Hi Pwr'd electronic motored R/C UFO craft models w/ bright LED lights that can hover several hundred feet high in the sky also, & also take in mind crew that there are indeed flight characteristics that a real ET craft have that a earth based manufactured R/C UFO don't have as a reminder & you say how & im about to tell ya...

    One flight characteristic of a real UFO is to zip around sky like a flyin insect in most cases & stop in mid air like a dot in the sky, "2DAYS EARTH MADE DRONES OF ANY KIND CANNOT ACCOMPLISH THIS", also take in mind lighting patterns to watch for, for instance a flying R/C model will have a set pattern of lights that will not change w/ time ect, & importantly a R/C flying model UFO would not bring in the Ah Hum now brace yourselves @ your controls crewmates the local "Air National Guard" is all.

    1. Another thought comes to mind on this Scott & the rest of you blog crews out here in cyber space & time is that & ill say this is that don't be surprised if its a Secret Space Prog aKa (SSP) drone also, & how your asking & ill conjecture this...

      It would seem quite inevitable that earth human SSP station chiefs, operatives ect would utilize any tech that the melevolent ET's there dealing w/would share w/ them via limited amounts of technology & that includes guess what, "ET DRONE TECH" utilizin anti gravity principles to spy here on earth ect, tho i might be wrong in this speculation however crew imo as far as the SSP goes "Anything Might Be Possible" even worm hole tech to worlds "THAT ACCEPT EARTH HUMANS & there egotistic crap" tho a beginners course to Portal Star Gating compared to ET's but a start anyway....


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