Ocean Explorer Team Who Finds UFO At Bottom of Ocean Speaks About the find, UFO Sighting News.

Swedish treasure hunters on the 18th of june 2011 found a gigantic circle on the bottom of the baltic sea between Finland and Sweden.

The circle which was found on 87 meters depth was estimated to be 60metres in diameter. And was followed by a 300 meter long 'sliding track', as if the object would have travelled over the seabed before it stopped.

Peter Lindberg, one of the treasure hunters of 'Ocean Explorers' said the following; "You see a lot of strange things in this profession, but under my 17-18 years working as a professional 'wreckage hunt' I have never ever seen anything like this. The Shape, the totally unique and completely round circle makes this found totally unique!"

Overall he sounds like he does not want to investigate it further. I am not sure why he does not want to go after it. Alien technology would be priceless to any government anywhere.


  1. Although amazing, I do not believe this is a crashed space ship. As a treasure diving company, I do not believe they would leave anything of extreme value under the water. I believe this is either a natural formation and the "crash line" is actually caused by the water current around the natural formation.

  2. It could be this russian ship made in 1874 named Novgorod.



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