UFO Sighting of giant disk at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, July 2011 video.

UFO Sighting of giant disk at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, July 2011 video.

Date of discovery: June 16, 2011
Location of sighting: Ocean floor of Baltic Sea

This makes me wonder...who will retrieve the UFO from below the Baltic first?

A summary of the swiss translation is as follows: "There are tracks that are 300 meters long leading up to the UFO which means this object moved locations on the ocean floor. It happened on June 16, 2011. Six of the nine crew members aboard the fishing vessel were still asleep in their bunks. Barely awake sat three crew members on watch staring at the computer screen which revealed the sea bed below them.

They are a group of ocean explorers that call themselves treasure hunters. Their mission is to comb the Baltic Sea wrecks in search of alcohol which can then be sold at auction. In 1997 the leader Peter Lindberg found the ship wreak Jonkoping at the island of Archipelago. On board wee champagne that they sold for millions of dollars. But this morning they found something extremely different.

"There is something solid down there! said one. At 87 meters down, between Sweden and Finland, they saw a large circle, about 60 feet in diameter. You see a lot of wierd stuff in this job but during my 18 years as a proffessional I have never seen anything like this. The shape is completly round…a circle,, makes this very unique, says Peter Lindberg.

Swiss news source: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article13263359.ab

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