UFO sighting over Cape Town, South Africa caught close up by Google Earth! Video teaches U 2 find it.

UFO sighting over Cape Town, South Africa caught close up by Google Earth! Video teaches U 2 find it.

Date of sighting: July 15, 2011
Location of sighting: Cape Town, South Africa

Someone found this UFO in a photo of Cape and although I want to call it a fake, it seems to blend into the photo perfectly with the correct amount of lighting on it. Also I notice a cigar shaped UFO on the upper left of the UFO which lends credibility to the first disk. I was not sure this was legit so I used Google Earth to find it myself. It was easy and fast…and it was there.

Just because its clear, do not assume its fake. Digital cameras can see outside of the spectrum of the human eye catching colors and objects that you did not see there at the time of taking the photo. Of course they did not see it, yet the camera could.

Source UFO Site "Mothership": http://is.gd/PQeS6o

☯ Scott C. Waring wrote “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009” and "Dragons of Asgard." ☯


  1. This is really amazing footage and material! Thanks for this wonderful analysis! Thanks Scott. Take a look at the Dutch website of WantToKnow..!

  2. At first this looked fake but i see it really is on Google Earth. WTF was it doing there?

  3. Google puts "Easter Eggs" into its programs to water down any real anomalies. it looks too good to me.

  4. Went to look check this out on Google earth today and didn't find it. Must have been removed. Hmmmm...

    1. Yes it was deleted about 6-8 months after I made two videos and posted them to Youtube. But at least I recorded it the best I could. Sure pissed me off though when I saw they deleted the UFO from Google map. This is clear evidence that Google works secretly with the government to cover things up. For instance they covered the water with blue paint so we cannot see the ocean bottom. They also covered up the rectangle ruins discovered a few years back, but photos and videos still exist on Youtube, but I saw them in the ocean before Google covered the water.


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