Alien Orb Investigating Bird Over Washington DC Caught on Video, UFO Sighting News.

Location of sighting: Caesars Head, Washington, DC, USA
Date of sighting: August 2011

This video was taken at Caesars Head park. Now I know what you are thinking. Its a smaller bird attacking the big bird. I have seen such things many times and this is not a small bird. The eyewitness who posted the video says its some kind of orb. I tend to agree. Orbs are interested in all living creatures.

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  1. you are correct. it's a orb or ufo probe,, possibly archon or spirit.. I have a photo just like this, but it's more clear.. my photo shows a falcon or hawk - a ufo fly's directly over the bird.. i now know that the ufo was in fact RA the sun god ( intuition confirmed ).. RA is uusally depicted with the head of a falcon or hawk.. it's a amazing priceless image.


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