Bases On The Moon Discovered (Many Photos and source), UFO Sighting News.

Bases On The Moon Discovered (Many Photos and source), UFO Sighting News. 

Updated on Jan 10, 2015: Added 160+ photos of anomalies that NASA deleted, added downloadable file (below). SCW
All photos below are in this file plus others.


I found these structures on the moons surface and you can zoom in on them to get some real good views. The detail stands out a lot. I am asking all those interested in UFOs both amateur and professionals to please go to the source immediately and search for these black buildings, there are over 100+ of these structures. Please record them on your camera or cell phone and upload them to youtube ASAP. There are too many for me to document all of them. Below are some examples of how much detail and how close you can get. The photos above are from #4 on map. SCW

Moon photo locations

MAIN PHOTOS HERE! http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/Page/moon1to1mShadedRelief?map=lo
Or to make it easier…url directly to photos here (remember the # sign mean map location):
#3 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_3_lo.pdf
#4 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_4_lo.pdf
#5 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_5_lo.pdf
#10 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_10_lo.pdf
#12 on map: http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_12_lo.pdf
#13 on map:   http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_13_lo.pdf
#23 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_23_lo.pdf
#24 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_24_lo.pdf
#25 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_25_lo.pdf
#26 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_26_lo.pdf
#27 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_27_lo.pdf
#38 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_38_lo.pdf
#39 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_39_lo.pdf
#40 on map:   http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_40_lo.pdf
#41 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_41_lo.pdf
#42 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_42_lo.pdf
#43 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_43_lo.pdf
#45 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_45_lo.pdf
#46 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_46_lo.pdf
#57 on map:   http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_57_lo.pdf
#58 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_58_lo.pdf
#74 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_74_lo.pdf
#75 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_75_lo.pdf
#76 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_76_lo.pdf
#77 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_77_lo.pdf
#78 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_78_lo.pdf
#79 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_79_lo.pdf
#88 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_88_lo.pdf
#90 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_90_lo.pdf
#92 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_92_lo.pdf
#93 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_93_lo.pdf
#109 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_109_lo.pdf
#110 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_110_lo.pdf
#111 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_111_lo.pdf
#112 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_112_lo.pdf
#113 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_113_lo.pdf
#114 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_114_lo.pdf
#115 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_115_lo.pdf
#123 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_123_lo.pdf
#125 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_125_lo.pdf
#126 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_126_lo.pdf
#128 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_128_lo.pdf
#136 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_136_lo.pdf
#137 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_137_lo.pdf
#138 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_138_lo.pdf
#139 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_139_lo.pdf
#143 on map:  http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/lac_143_lo.pdf

☯ Scott C. Waring wrote “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009” and "Dragons of Asgard." ☯


  1. It is rumoured that a lot of information about findings on the moon has been classified by the Americans. In 1988 human footprints on the lunar surface was unveiled by a noted Chinese official who was a member of the nation’s space programme. It was stated by the said official that such information has been received from a reliable source and accused the Americans for concealing such fact. Such photos were from August 3rd 1969 that is two weeks after Armstrong and Aldrin stepped on the lunar surface i.e. on July 20th 1969.


  2. Scott, I have linked to two of your posts this week, and I mentioned you were Australian, don't know why, correct me if wrong. John off aliendescendant.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks John for reposting the info. Very kind of you. I am an American that now lives and works in Taiwan as an ESL teacher.

    1. Hey Scott, I have a ufo video and stills that I think you may find interesting. Most "researchers don't appreciate my video because it lacks anything other than a black southern California sky. I wasn't even holding the cam, I just had it facing upward, sitting on my vehicle. I'd like to email you some photos of what I caught on film. How can I do this? Thanks

  4. hi, I'm from Brazil, UFO research for over 15 years and have found in my analysis, much more unusual things than these, if you want to send you my desobertas, give you disclose

  5. 370 images http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4966387
    my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/trippy123


  6. tried thru google earth. not there anymore

  7. I believe that we are not alone in this universe, but you people faking things like this does not make it easy. I have check out the images of the Bernner craters & NO such object exists, nor is there ANY evidence of one ever existing! These images are almost as bad as that fake moon base in the De Moraes crater. Check out the lunar map at http://target.lroc.asu.edu/da/qmap.html. Nor can I find any craters named Euctemon as stated here. At least this computer generated object looks better than that fake moon base in De Moraes.

    1. Did you click on the link and the map to get to the moon photos? How dare you come to my site and call me a lier! Who the heck do you think you are? I have written four books and hundreds of article. UFO Sightings Daily has been on CNN …I recorded it on youtube and in major Canada and UK newspapers almost weekly. Why would I lie…how would I benefit from such a lie? Are you insane? What kind of freak would fake such a thing? I ask for help…I give you the URL…which you don't even check out to see if its real and you call me a lier? This is what I get for posting the truth. I get bullied by those who don't do their research, who don't push any agenda but hate.

    2. Just ignore them. They will make themselves look foolish on their own :-)

    3. Scott isn't lying. Maybe someone made a very reallooking drawing, but it's unlikely. And maybe that site is outdated. Some people don't update their sites. Multiple reasons:
      1: Their internet can stop working
      2: They might get too busy
      3: They realize not alot of people use it and stop updating
      Next time check links provided.

  8. There's no mistaking that those buildings exist.

  9. I believe you are very dillegant (sp) in your research, unlike the guy who says it is fake. Why would anyone fake this. I don't agree that these beings are not dangerous to us. In the faces you found, I saw one of them that had a face in the mouth of this being, and it looked very wicked, you did not mention it in the description of the pic. There is a guy, you might have seen his discoveries. He is on Photobucket as rpeternell I believe and what he finds also blows away my idea of reality, as what they try to tell us as truth anyway. I believe s God and Christ and all this doesn't deter my beliefs only strengthens them. I do not think any one should believe that they are good until the truth tell us that. Keep up the good research. By the way, a hangar was built around the UFO on the Third dry lake bed by area 51 and it has a curved edge to match the curve of the saucer that was there, what scumbags to keep us in the dark.

    1. Thank you. Yes I also know of rpeterneil. He use to drop by and let us know about his amazing discoveries, but haven't heard from him in a while. Yeah I saw the new hanger...its about 15-20 bigger than the disk, but if you want to see are S4 as it was about 7 years ago use this free map. There are many buildings in Area S4 that we don't see in Google Earth (hundreds of them).


    2. check out mapp 144. between schomberger F and L. Just to the right of 20 degree line. Perfect triangle. Photo glitch?

  10. Black shadowed area and simple illuminated hill-top on the manually overlapped photos

  11. if I may share your article on my blog in Indonesian language?
    I'll put the source at the bottom of the article

    1. You are welcome to use anything you want of ours, and if you wish, you don't have to site us as a source. Sharing is most important, not the credit. Take anything of ours you need. :)

  12. Thank you very much Scoott :)

    I also like about UFO, and I also believe their presence.
    I often watch Chasing UFO's in national geographic channel.

    I'm sorry if english language so bad huhuhuhu

  13. so why can't i see anything of interest using google moon? the area mentioned here has zero clarity on google. where can i get better images of the moon. something better than google moon out there? and if nasa has maps of the moon, why aren't they integrated to google? thanks

    1. Google is working with NASA and that means they blur all photos on Google Mars and Moon on purpose. They even colored blue the ocean on Earth so we cannot see whats on the bottom of the ocean anymore. I DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE! They have deleted many UFOs I and others found 5 years ago and reported on Youtube…but now all deleted from Google Earth map. Why?

  14. Unfortunatelly all is gone now... they erased. When china will release their hi res images from the moon? Will they hide it too ?

    1. OMG they deleted them! I warned everyone but no one believed me. Looks like NASA/NSA is using my UFO site to edit the evidence of aliens from their photos. I am on top of it. I still have all the photos saved.

    2. Please upload them as Torrent file and easy to download for all people.this is a war against NASA and it's cover ups.good luck man.

  15. Thanks for all your Hard work Scott!!!! Very much appreciated!!!! Great strides you've helped make..

  16. Scott, please contact me as I would like to have you on my show, The Truth Is Viral, to talk about these photos. You can send me a private message with your contact onformation on my forum at ttiv.forumotion.com.

    You do NOT have to register to send a message, although I hope that you do.

    1. Thanks I am flattered and you have a very cool site that fits into how I see things, but I don't want to put the spotlight on me...only the subject. Many others who do interviews really only want to up their status and fame...much like the guy in Paranormal Report that sold out by becoming a news reporter for Fox News on "new gadgets," thus stealing him away from the whole UFO field. Money and fame mean nothing to me...only the truth.

  17. Hey Scott
    What's with the giant serpent/snake wrapped around the structure in the first three photos, and what appears to be its head peering out of the hole in the other two photos? Or are these the NASA altered photos that you were referring to?

    1. Good question. Looks like...OMG, wow, I never saw that before. That would be impossible, but it looks like a giant...serpent and you can see its eyes! Wow, but then again it could be alien tech...I have seen many objects, even a giant dog and giant caterpillar like creature that I was sure were mechanical machines...maybe drones, or have AI, or even piloted, but holy #$@# thanks for bringing that to light. I never noticed that before. That gives me a lot to think about. SCW

    2. Scott, I'm puzzled that these structures only appear in certain photos. You can see the edges where the photos are assembled together and there is nothing on either side.

    3. I had a similar concern, however after studying many of the photos (before NASA deleted them using my site to find them) I found that that explanation didn't work for all the photos only a few. Others were just too high of detail to be anything other than a structure. I do believe that these are not regular photos, but instead infrared photos. IR light can not be seen with the human eye, therefore most photos of the moon will not reveal these structures. I have yet to find a single massive telescope with a IR lens. That I would like to see.

  18. Hey!? I posted a video of this in 2012 of November


  19. I sure hope you give me credit or I will ensure your sites demise on credibility.

    I posted a video of this In November 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5kj-BvRioc

    1. That my video you have! You copied my video and posted it with music over it! What a lier. I made that video, you dubbed music over it!

      Look at the date on this post! August 15, 2011, you stole from me! Who is the lier now?

  20. Is there any theory on how these photos get posted by NASA in the first place? Seems that if there is an active effort to hide the truth, that they would be paying closer attention to the photos before they get posted.

  21. Hi - thanks for all your work. I could not find any of the structures from your videos on the links to PDFs you posted above at http://planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/images/Lunar/ although there is direct correlation of the locations - you refer to 114 in the video and it corresponds to 114 in the links. The examples in the videos appear doctored whereas those in the PDF files look ok - to my amateur eye. I notice that the crater lighting is different in the two sources so these pictures must have come from different passes. I will root around for more information as my interest is piqued. Good luck and hapy hunting.

  22. Dude, I check iPhone app you say, found it on Pirate Bay. Its different that what is on NASA site today. Its exactly what you saw! NASA is a bunch of A holes for lying to us.

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