TRIANGLE UFO Sighting over Orlando, Florida Amusement Park on August 2011

Now is it just me or does this look like a TR3B from the USAF Aurora Project?

Date of sighting: August 2011
Location of sighting: Orlando, Florida, USA

Eyewitness states:
"While filming during my vacation, I noticed this strange thing that I thought was a plane while filming. After viewing this at home, I have doubts. Is this a stealth or something else?"

 Original Video below.

Same video in slow motion below.


  1. i believe,because i have seen lots of strange things in the night. i live in the rural areas and it gets pretty dark here. I've been watching and i see lots of them. i just wanted to know if you heard anything while filming this strange object. there has never been any sound from any of the strange objects i've seen.

  2. On September 4th my wife and I were near our home downtown Orlando when we saw 6 flying objects at night. It was clear they weren't helicopters or any normal aircraft by the way they were flying and how bright they were. As we were watching, one of them turned a deep red color and began to pulsate, then turned all black. We could see its triangular shape flying against the clouds at night. They made no sound as far as we could tell. They flew around for a few minutes and disappeared, and we pulled over to talk with other people who had stopped to witness this event.


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