UFO or Insect Discovered on Mars By Rover, UFO Sighting News.

THE TWO PHOTOS ABOVE SHOW INSECT WITH 2-3 LEGS ON EACH SIDE. (photo has not been changed). There are 4-6 panoramic with the insect in it. The above panoramic is different than the ones below.

While looking through Mars photos I discovered an unusual object in a few panoramic photos. This object is always in the same location. Understand that each panoramic photo is actually 11 photos pasted together. The object is only in this area, meaning it is not something stuck to the camera lens. Also since it is in the same location in each panoramic that means it was hovering there for enough time that the rover could take over 50 photos for 5 panoramic that it was caught in. This probably took a 15-30 minutes at least. In one panoramic the object actually looks like it has 4-6 legs on its sides. Remember dust would appear 11 times in a single panoramic because the rover had to take 11 images to make one panoramic, however it only appears once in the panoramic. Always in the same place. I will upload the one with legs later tonight (on other computer) but it may look that way because its less clear more fuzzy of a photo. Maybe a form of flying beetle could survive in such a harsh environment.