Dead Alien Discovered In Back Yard (dog attack) Brazil, Sept 26, 2011, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: September 26, 2011
Location of discovery: Itajuba, Brazil

Note its dark black eyes and camouflage skin, typically talked about by other alien sightings. 
Translation from Spanish by SCW:

Eyewitness states: "During the night the dog barked non stop outside. In the morning we decided to check on the dog because he was so stressed that night. Our dog "Spoke" was directly in the yard area where we found the dead alien. On that first day there was no bad smell coming from the alien body, but over the next few days the smell became overwhelming. It's smell was very unpleasant, the worst I've ever felt. He had two toes on each foot and three fingers on each hand, and measured 45 cm tall. This video was made two days after we discover the dead creature in our back yard, when we decided to share our experience with the world. We were afraid to touch the creature and left him in that location for four days. Although this dead alien disappeared strangely for where it had been, there still exists its smell on the spot and a strange black emerald goo substance on the ground. I hope someone can explain this phenomenon, because my opinion is that this is not any animal known, although it features amphibious white features. Please tell us what you think."


  1. This has been hand molded. The artist was not a very decent one either. Poor hoax.

  2. Very fake looking!

  3. i dont think soooo! why would it leave sticky residue behind and a bad odour..if it was FAKE! ohh and within several days it vanishers...just evaporated into the sky did it ;/ lol secondly i think you people need to wake upto reality and except tha facts that these species exist...if were on earth than just imagine whatelse is living in our universe...?...its all true myfriends!


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