UFO orbs Flashing Over Keller, Texas on Oct 1, 2011, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: October 1, 2011
Location of sighting: Keller, Texas, USA

Eyewitness states: "While over at my daughter's house in Keller, Texas I saw and recorded many fast flying UFOS/Ovnis/Et Craft. But these 3 objects are like nothing I have ever seen myself or seen on youtube or the internet. My wife and I went walking on October 1, between the hours of 8:45 pm and 10:00 pm with our two dogs. We were traveling West on Bancroft Rd across Bourland Rd onto Norma headed to the intersection of Norma and Johnson Rd. Exiting the Subdivion of Harmonson Farms, we were directly in front of a horse/farm property located between Harmonson Farms and Keller Harvell Schooll. I notice a a blue light directly ahead of us in the sky, towards Main St. Keller and then noticed several more large blue lights around the initial light. The light/orb seemed zig zag in random pattern. It seemed to brighten and then disappear then appear in another place. This cobalt blue looking sphere would seem to change into a lighter violet color
and back again, and it seemed to be in relation to the size of a commercial jet in the sky, about 2x the size of the jets lights. Not small by any means.

☯ Scott C. Waring wrote “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009” and "Dragons of Asgard." ☯

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