A New Face Discovered On Mars With Google Mars.

Location of face: Cydonia Region, Mars. You Are Looking At A Yet Undiscovered Alien Species That Roams Our Solar System.

Found By Matteo Lanneo, Italy

A person interested in astronomy and exploring of Mars has discovered a great structure on Mars which is very similar to the Cydonia region of Mars where there are a couple of pyramids and what looks like an Egyptian sphinx. This discovery however looks like the head of an Asian, more specifically a Japanese warrior, a Samurai.  Although shocking, this is not the first discovery of a face on mars. In our tab section above this site, you will find over 20 faces discovered on Mars. The Samurai head on Mars could be a natural formation of rocks or it could be an artificial construction like a statue. Taking into consideration the Cydonia region and  previous discoveries it is quite possible that these were artificially built structures by either a former civilization which ruled the surface of Mars years ago and now went extinct, or maybe a species of aliens which live underground because Mars has no atmosphere. In any case, this discovery is certainly interesting and it is worth having a look at. You can see the Samurai Head on Google Earth [ MARS ] at the following coordinates:  6°17’47.27″S 120°06’32.49″W.

Why would aliens make a face in the first place? To celebrate their species and proclaim their territory rights to other intruding alien species. Area S4 scientist Bob Lazar told us how the USAF taught him there were 56 known space faring alien species, also in the Rocca Pia incident they call themselves the W56 (56 species working together). They don't make the faces for humans to see, they make them to show pride of their species, we however now have the technology to happen upon them by accident. 


  1. If kindly you can put my name on my image.This samurai I discovered myself and please put my name



  2. http://www.eutimes.net/2011/09/new-cydonia-like-face-discovered-on-mars/

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  3. I put it in yellow on the article instead. They photo is NASA material and cannot be copyrighted by anyone…Says NASA, but you did discover the face, good work.


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