Two Fast Moving UFO'S Over Scotland During Snow Storm January 2012, VIDEO.

Date of sighting: January 1, 2012
Location of sighting: Scotland

This is incredible. During a drive through a snowstorm in Scotland, a guys car mounted camera catches two glowing orbs shooting  down the road. Also know these are not reflections from the headlights because the other cars have no such thing happen as they pass, only this one vehicle. 

Eyewitness states: "New sighting of two fast moving UFOs caught on video in Scotland. Recorded on a dashboard mounted camera from one of the scottish mountain rescue teams. Uploaded today january 2012."


  1. Hummmm, très intéressant. Si ce n'est pas 2 objets volants non-identifiés, je me demande bien c'est quoi ???
    Cela pourrait-il être 2 lignes électriques à haute tension qui ont un survoltages ???

  2. The person "Mario" states in French that he believes these UFOs to be power surges shooting along telephone pole wires. And I have to admit...that is an intelligent assumption. However there are no telephone poles and no cables hanging beside the road. You can make it full screen mode and take screenshots and still no telephone poles or cables. But still some smart thinking by Mario.

  3. Why is it not the car lights? The two objects come in and go out of the picture in perfect sync with the passing of the car. Headlights differ from car to car, low beams vs. high beams etc.

    I bet if you had someone who studied light refraction do the math on this they would conclude that these are just refraction of light due to the particular way the headlights hit the camera.

    Then again, they very well could be UFOs... I just think that it would be quite a coincidence to catch them the same time a car was passing with headlights shining at the camera.


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