UFO Hovering Low Over Field Behind Farm, Galicia, Spain, Video. Jan 25, 2012 News.

Date of sighting: January 25, 2012
Location of sighting: Galicia, Spain

Eyewitness states: "I took this video yesterday at 12:12-12:20 noon. The UFO comes out of the trees."

It's rare to see a UFO so close to the ground and because of this very few videos of such events exist. This UFO blends into the environment very well and probably was not seen by the person taking the video until later, due to most UFOs have cloaking that prevents the human eye from seeing it but the digital eye can capture it. Its easier to view this UFO in full screen mode.


  1. To me the object circled with red arrow did not look like UFO. It seemed the object was walking on feet. Please clarify if I was wrong.

    1. I noticed that also, but I assumed it was due to the wind warbling it. It really doesn't seem to be touching the ground. Still your argument has merit. Maybe its too much faith on my part, LOL.


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