Alien With Wings Flies Over Northern Maryland that flashes hovers over city, Feb 23, 2012 video news.

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Date of sighting: February 23, 2012
Location of sighting: Northern Maryland, USA

Look closely and pause the video in places and you will see that this UFO looks a lot like a human flying in the sky. I caught to screenshots of the flash, which don't look like a flash at all but a person. You can make out the arms, legs, head body, although the arms and legs look like they are connected making two large wings. I didn't notice it till I paused the video in places to catch it. Flying entities, has to be an alien. Looks like the angel like creature caught on security cam this Sept in Jakarta (check the far left of this blog page to view the UFO post). SCW

Eyewitness states: "Any ideas? A few flashes here and there but no steady strobe as you normally se on aircraft. Also, the main light was going completely in and out, regularly. I didn't get in position in time to catch the most dramatic lights out moments. I never once saw it change position and if it were a helicopter, I'd expect to hear some kind of noise from it but there was none."

If you recorded a UFO sighting please upload it to YouTube and put the date and location in the title, but note; you must put the words "UFO Sighting," into it's title so it can be easily found by UFO researchers.

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