Grey UFO Seen During Day In Clouds Over City of Bratislava, Slovakia on Feb 2012 Video.

Date of sighting: February 24, 2012
Location of sighting: Bratislava, Slovakia

Unidentified flying object in Bratislava, Slovakia - February 24th 2012, afternoon.
it was very nice weather outside...twilight was coming. I often enjoy watching the skies and taking pictures of changing skyline. I have my camera always on my hand. I was at home, just watching some documentary...then I looked out of window, and there it was - it looked like a levitating, continually moving stone. no noises, no rush, spinning around slowly, changing the color from deep black into turquoise and then into light green....then it just disappeared...or I dont know because of the damn auto-focus,Unfortunately I had probably auto-focus on and my camera was not able to focus on such small moving object,that's why it's blurred. I stopped watching the recording and I tried to look for it, I could not see it anymore, I either lost it or it just disappeared. It was moving in a height of 10th floor (I live in 8th floor, there are no taller buildings standing around)

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