Alien Bases Found In Chinese Chang'e Orbiter Photos Of Moon, March 2012 News.

Date of discovery: March 2012
Location of discovery: Rittenhouse Crater, Idel'son Crater, Idel'son L Crater, Earth's Moon

I was looking over some moon photos from the Chang'e Orbiter and found this one that shows several bases hidden inside of craters, within the shadows so they are more difficult to detect for non-advanced civilizations. Very sneaky indeed.

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  1. Do you think those structures are still there if searching them by Google Moon?

    1. It's possible that they are still there, just so small its hard to see. May only look like a few rectangles, but there is a high chance that Google covered this up. Google works close with the US Gov to keep things hush hush. Oh did you hear Google hired a head of DARPA (US Top Secret Weapons Maker) to join Google…Weapons and Google how do they mix?


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