China Scientists Announce That UFOs Seen Over Purple Mountain Are UFOs, Feb 2012 News.


Date of sighting: July 22, 2011 (But Released to public on March 1, 2012)
Location of sighting: Purple Mountain Observatory, China

This UFO or cloud orb as I call them was caught on video by Chinese scientists (Video held back till further study). They took 40 minutes of video of several UFOs flying over the area of the observatory yesterday and according to reports from the Purple Mountain Observatory, scientists have confirmed that when they shot during the solar eclipse the UFOs became visible. The scientists are still trying to study the video taken and do not want to openly guess what the flying objects were. The Purple Mountain Observatory took so long to announce the discovery of the UFO to make sure they didn't miss identify it. They try to deal with any UFO analysis of data results and research, but the process will take one years time to implement.

Basically they are confirming the UFOs existence and that their cloak to hide the UFOs will not hide them when the Suns position is off, making the bending of the light around the UFO more than 180 degrees (more than 1/2 circle around the UFO) causing the object to become visible for a few minutes, or during the eclipse a 40 whopping minutes.

Source: http://tech.ifeng.com/discovery/miracle/detail_2012_03/01/12890307_0.shtml?_sns

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