Mysterious Metal Orb Falls From Sky at Village In Brazil, See Video Feb 23, 2012 World News.

This May Be A Cloud Orb.

Date of sighting: February 2012
Location of sighting: Riacho dos Pocos, Brazil

Another UFO orb has fallen from the sky, possibly a cloud orb, but this time the metal sphere has plunged from the sky on unsuspecting villagers in northern Brazil, causing an uproar. According to eyewitnesses, the UFO weighs about 50 kilograms and measures roughly one meter in diameter. The sphere fell on Wednesday in a village of Riacho dos Poços in Brazilian Maranhão state. No casualties were reported apart from an unfortunate cashew tree that was severed by the object as it plunged to the ground, according to MR NOTÍCIAS, a Mata Roma news site. Valdir José Mendes, 46, told police the sphere landed several meters from his house leaving a one-meter-deep hole in the yard.
"I heard the noise and I went out to see what caused it. I thought it was a plane that had fallen, or an earthquake," he said. The noise was such that Mendes was too scared to go outside. However, curiosity got the better of him and he headed outside to find the cashew tree's trunk snapped in half by a mysterious metal sphere lying in a hole nearby. Some 20 villagers joined Mendes to help him extract the object from the ground and examine it. Mendes says the sphere is hollow and if shaken some sort of liquid can be felt swishing inside. Locals quickly spread the news, as they reached the town of Mata Roma over 2,000 people flocked to see the "UFO". Military police confiscated the sphere and took it to the barracks in the nearby Mata Roma. They have not specified what the UFO's possible future will be. In a statement the Air Force Command said it "does not have specialized structures to perform scientific research on this type of aerial phenomena, which prevents the institution to submit an opinion on these events."

Source: http://english.pravda.ru/news/science/24-02-2012/120593-space_ball_brazil-0/


  1. I quote

    Indeed, the metal ball that crashed on Earth in Brazil looks like many other objects that fall down on the planet every now and then. Something like that has recently caused panic in Namibia. A metal sphere weighing nearly 6 kilos was found in the middle of December in Nabibia's Omusati province. The local authorities classified the object and asked NASA and ESA for help. Independent experts said that the Namibian ball was only a 39-litre fuel tank from Europe's Ariane booster rocket.

    A similar ball crashed in the north-west of Colorado, the USA, in the beginning of 2011. The mystery was unraveled quickly. The Cyrillic inscription on the surface of the object said that it was a tank of the pressurization system of Zenit- 3SLB booster rocket.

  2. Probably a space fuel tank used by satellites. See this for more details - http://cs.astrium.eads.net/sp/spacecraft-propulsion/propellant-tanks/104-litre-hydrazine-propellant-tank.html


  3. 20 years ago I saw the same type of silver sphere in Queens Village NY. A Basketball sized floating orb about 30 feet off the ground in front of the house across the street. Then suddenly shot off like a bullet through the houses. It stopped hovered over the next block in the distance. When I saw the picture of the orb on this page I was so excited. However the picture did not have writing etched into it. The orb I saw had hieroglyphic type symbols. Yes it was that close and it was very real. M*


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