Alien Orb Fleet Over Paris, France In Daytime On Video, April 2012 News.

Date of sighting: April 2012
Location of sighting: Paris, France

Eyewitness states: "After eating, I was taking a nap in my garden. This time was impressive. I love watching the sky, clouds, meteo, in my garden, sometimes when it's sunny. I spotted several strange objects, white lights hovering over a huge cloud. I immediatly took my camcorder and filmed the objects. The sighting was not very long, but I could record them. The orbs were in all the clouds, invading the sky. I think those lights were there since longtime. The question is, what did they do?! I think they were spying us. So, as well, I tried to find what was it. First I thought about helicopters...but at this high? In this huge cloud, all up there, hundreds of kilometers? And if they were helicopters we should have seen the whole object, not to mention the powerful zoom of my camera. (78x) A man can't go with a helicopter at hundreds of kilometers in the sky. Notice that sometimes, the orbs disappear."

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  1. I had seen the exact same thing in Georgia just last week. Me and my children were swimming at a state park when I looked up to notice an almost oval shaped white object flying near a dark cloud with some kind of line hanging from the bottom. As I continued to stare, I noticed three smaller white orbs begin to fly around the larger one. This happened for only a minute or so before they disappeared into a dark cloud. The larger one began to hover in one spot while slowing shrinking in size before slowly disappearing into the cloud as well. It left me and another mother completely baffled as to what they were cause no air craft would go into a thunder cloud.


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