Crop Circle Predicts Life Changing Event To Take Place On May 20, 2012, Video, UFO Congress.

Date of prediction: May 20, 2012
Location of crop circle: Mexico
Video Created In: May 2007 (5 years ago)

This prominent and world famous UFOlogist has carefully analyzed this crop circle finding a direct link to the May 20th 2012 Solar Eclipse and a life changing phenomenon occurring on Earth. The center of this crop circle is when the sun and the earth are joined together. People have been talking about the year 2012 for a very long time, with an ever widening range of predictions and theories. 

My attention for this year, is focused on two months; May and December (December for the obvious reason of the mayan end date). My interest in May was established after I watched Jaime Maussan give a talk at the 16th UFO Congress. At this talk he spoke about a very large crop circle found in Wiltshire, England and he further posited the theory that the time window of 20th May 2012 and 6th June 2012 was encoded in the design of the crop circle. Back in 2007 i uploaded the following clip to youtube, and ever since then i've been waiting to see what will happen in May of 2012. In recent months i have been keeping a close eye on the stories that don't get covered by the mainstream media, and it appears that the stage is set for something big to unfold, just like the crop circle appears to indicate. I don't know what will happen, but I guess we will all find out very soon. 


  1. On 20th May 2012 there is a partial eclipse of the sun by the moon, and 6th June 2012 there is a very rare transit across the face of the sun by Venus.

    It's as if they are bookmarks to some event.

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  3. at 5.05 was that a alien smoking out of a pipe

  4. nothing happened like always..I wish it would! I hate this world!

    1. Just because you don't see it on the internet does not mean it didn't happen. Something big could have begun on this day...and it may take a while for it to take effect. Faith brother.

  5. Im with u on that one Scott.. You are really smart, like me... Actually, i bet you have more knowledge than me but still, we need to focus on whats behind the agenda (”BIG INTERESTS OF THE WORLD”). I mean we got evidence already, lets work it out!!!


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