Daytime Ghostly White Shape Shifting UFO Chicago 11 May 2012

Date of sighting: May 11, 2012
Location of sighting: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Eyewitness states: "I caught this weird looking ghost white UFO today May 11, 2012 at 3.40PM over Chicago IL. I am West of this blob of energy looking East toward the Downtown sky. Sorry bout all the shake when I zoom in, ive to learn to not zoom in so much next time. I tried to stablize the video the best I could. It was very bright out this thing was pretty high up so it was hard to capture it smooth esp thru a 3 inch LCD screen. 3 mins of video and 3 mins of enhanced still photos from the video."

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  1. Just saw one of these pass over Anaheim, CA on 05/17/2012, Got my camera out but I was concerned it was going to hit us and didn't get any footage. It was very visible and in visible to us for several minutes, I'll be surprised if somebody didn't get images.


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