NASA Rover Photo Reveals Life Once Existed On Mars, May 23, 2012, UFO Sighting News.

10 pm. Update March 3rd, 2014: After tweeting to @NASA several times about them taking the photo down, they have returned the photo back to the original URL. They didn't answer me, but the URL returned back to normal a few minutes ago when I tested it. SCW

11 am UPDATED ON MARCH 3, 2014: Today I was made aware by a reader that the NASA link to this Mars face and the sea shell has been taken off line. I tried to view it using 4 different browsers but as of yet nothing. Many people have made videos of it and I will try to collect them and post them below. Sorry for the inconvenience of not have the original URL anymore. I wonder what they feared the most...people seeing the face or the sea shell? SCW

Date of discovery: May 23, 2012
Location of discovery: Gusev Crater, Mars

I was looking over a 23MB Mars photo today when I noticed then anomalies that seem to indicate that life once existed on Mars. There is one photo of a ancient face, clearly warn but still stands the test of time. That face was made on a lava like rock that was smoothed down on purpose to carve this face. Also there are a lot of other anomalies that I found.See the photos below. This looks to me to be serious evidence that ancient life once existed on Mars.  The photo is in the NASA rover archive so feel free to double check my findings. You may find more that I missed. SCW

Source 23 MB NASA Photo: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA01907.jpg

Above photo is proof of an ancient ocean, a sea shell.

Possible flying disk long since abandoned.
Above photo is a sitting figure.
Above photo shows right angles, possible foundation of structure.


  1. Take a look at 2nd picture (face on mars) 2hrs-3rd dark stone looks like skull

  2. yeah right, the link to nasa dont work

    1. WTF? NASA took it down, just like they did with some other stuff I found! Those @!#$ers! This really pisses me off. They are using my site to edit their @#$%ing photos!

    2. I just tried four different web browsers and none of them allow me to view this photo. It seems its gone, but I am searching "Cached," files on the net...no luck so far.

    3. After tweeting to @NASA and getting many retweets, they have returned the photo to working order. Thanks for giving me the heads up. It looks like they got caught and tried to put it back. Thanks to all the retweets on twitter.


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