UFO Orbs Caught On Infrared Video Over Rome, Italy May 5, 2012.

Date of sighting: May 5, 2012
Location of sighting: Rome, Italy
Camera Uses an IR filter (infrared) Daytime

Eyewitness states: "These two movies are shot in a few minutes, the first shows an anomaly of movement of a luminous object shaped sphere seemed vague at times and sometimes not, the second video shows the same object that waits for the passage of an airplane in my opinion would be next to the aircraft at altitude."

It is well known in the UFO community that IR or infrared lenses on able cameras can record things the human eye cannot see. IR is not visible to humans, but it does reveal cloaked objects due to the suns IR reflection. Look how close that one was to the plane! SCW

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  1. Good to see your site back :)

    In the video, just at the 59 second mark, it looks like the ufo does a U turn and shoots off to the right.


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